Privacy Policy

In order to process an Order and have better communication with the Client, we need to record some personal data, such as a name, contact phone number and email address.

Information Usage

The information we collect may be used for the following purposes:

  • To make a personal account on (If a Client is registered within Our system, we can serve him or her more quickly and efficiently.)
  • To change our site, according to users’ preferences and needs. (We may receive clients’ comments and feedback about our site or company. We will take into consideration all concerns.)
  • To enhance offered services. (So we can serve the Client in the best possible way)
  • To complete transactions. (We use clients’ information only for operations with the order. We have no intention to sell, exchange or disclose information about our customers to any third parties without getting clients’ permission.)
  • To get in touch with clients. (It is very important for our customer support department to have clients’ contact information. Such data will allow us to react, without delay, in case any problems occur.)

Information Security

Any information gathered from clients or users is stored safely. We are very concerned with the issue of information security; therefore, we invest in reliable protection systems and store important information on a powerful server. Both general and private data gathered from our clients will be protected via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system. To complete a payment, we only allow verified payment partners to access to our database. No client’s information will be stored on the server.

Cookies Usage

Small text fragments that are transferred from our server to users’ computers are called cookie files, or simply, cookies. Cookies are placed on a computer’s hard drive only if the user permits this action. By using cookie files, we can monitor users’ activity, trace their behavior within our site and receive additional information, like the type of browser or connected device.

Thanks to cookies, we can receive important information, allowing us to better our service and website. We cannot use cookies without users’ permission to do so.

Giving Information to Third Parties

We guarantee full protection of users’ information. We utilize necessary systems to provide 100% protection of personal data. By no means will we share personal information of our users/clients with third party individuals or organizations. Access to the database containing clients’ personal information will be allowed solely to authorized staff for the purpose of processing orders. However, in some cases we may have to reveal personal information. For instance correspondence to law, strengthening company policies, or protecting the company’s rights.

We have a right to disclose non-personal information for marketing purposes or arranging surveys.

Online Children Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We perform our services according to the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) standards. This implies that our company is not permitted to sell or offer services to individuals under 13 years of age. Any person over the age of 13 can become a client of our company.

The following Privacy Policy refers to data gathered online only. Other types of data gathered offline are not included in this Privacy Policy and our company will not bear responsibility.

Users should read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly described on this site so they may be properly informed regarding their rights.

By using our services, individuals automatically accept our policies and rules that are presented on this site.

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