Terms and Conditions

In the following Terms and Conditions policy, we will use such terms to identify AnyCustomWriting: “We” or “Our,” “Company.”

The terms "Client” refers to an individual who buys services from AnyCustomWriting.com and is properly informed about the rules and policies published on its website. The Client agrees to observe the policies and bears responsibility for all actions performed within this website.

The term "Product" refers to various types of written tasks, including academic assignments, essays, writing papers, reviews and so other written academic tasks. The Client pays for the service, and the assigned Writer follows all the Client’s instructions. A Client can only order a Product by creating a personal account on AnyCustomWriting.com.

The term "Order" refers to the order process, beginning when a Client submits a request and enters the required information into the digital form on Our website. The Client should leave detailed instructions for the order. We will not accept orders made through email, chat or over the phone.

“Order” concerns all information about the Order, starting with the form and including all the requirements of its completion. Client must provide the Company with clear and understandable instructions. Client can place an order from our website by clicking “Order now.”

Our Services:

We have developed a range of services for our Clients. Thus, they can choose from the following services: editing, writing new documents, business writing and rewriting. We strongly recommend our Clients review all policies, which can be found on AnyCustomWriting.com, including Terms and Conditions, Money Back Guarantee and Revision Policy. By understanding our Company and website, Clients can easily utilize Our services and avoid misunderstandings. Once the Client becomes familiar with Our policies and rules, he or she can purchase our service.

Accepting the Terms:

This arrangement is between the Client and the Company. We are required to provide the Client with the Terms and Conditions, as well as other policies, and the Client is required to read and follow all policies on AnyCustomWriting.com.

Editing, Deleting, and Modification Agreement:

If required, we hold the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Periodically, clients should visit the Terms and Conditions and policy pages to check for any available changes.

Site and License Access:

All AnyCustomWriting.com Clients are allowed to make orders and purchase our Products using a limited license. Clients may not add changes to this website without receiving Our permission. No part of our website or its content may not be copied, sold or reproduced. Clients may not copy information from Our website for personal benefit.

Integrity, Accuracy, and Promptness:

AnyCustomWriting.com is not responsible for untimely information updates. In general, this information is aimed for Clients and covers common issues. Users remain responsible for appropriately applying information on this website. By browsing our website, the Client may find some content connected with historical facts. We can modify this content. In such particular cases, we will not be accountable for informing users of any changes made to Our website. It is the Clients’ duty to monitor this website for changes.

Descriptions and Product Pricing:

The prices for Our services can be found on Our website. Our marketing department develops flexible discount systems, so periodically, clients can purchase our services at a lower price. Some of our products may have another price other than published on the website. We will inform Clients about price differences, and they may decide to purchase the product or not.

Clients must be accurate with their order descriptions and request a revision if necessary. Please review the revision policy page for instructions on requesting revisions.


When the Client submits an Order, We consider this action to be a complete agreement on the points listed below:

  • We will follow all standards of citing appropriate sources when completing the Order.
  • We perform Orders according to basic writing styles (Harvard, APA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, etc.).
  • One of our writers will complete the Order. Our company only possesses the assignment.
  • The Order should be paid. The price includes collecting data, researching, writing, proofreading, editing and final delivery.
  • Clients may not change, recreate or make new works based on Our works. Clients may not copy content from AnyCustomWriting.com
  • Once the client receives the final paper from the Company, the Client agrees to delete the work, once the work is no longer required. Also, clients may not obtain any type of personal profit from distributing or copying the purchased work.


Clients use the following website on their own risk. The Company owns this website. We are entitled to allow or forbid access to this website for any individuals, at any moment and for any reason. We evidently deny various possible warranties, whether they are express, not limited or implied. AnyCustomWriting.com guarantees that the Client may visit this website without errors or other problems; that website is safe; that the website is free from viruses and malware.

Therefore, Clients using this website and downloading any type of content from this website bear all risks and responsibilities. If a Client should have any problems as a result of downloading content from this website solely, the Company is not responsible for any physical damage to computers or information lost. We make a conscious effort to provide clients with a safe and unproblematic website experience; however, some problems may not be avoided.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights:

According to the following agreement, the Client accepts that title sand interests and rights remain the property of AnyCustomWriting.com and the Client does not intend to buy titles and interests or rights regarding this website, not including those cases mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Client agrees not to attempt to change this website or its content, or attempt to create an analogous website by altering documentations and software.


The Client agrees that he or she will not expose information purchased from our Company. Our company owns all information presented on this website. Clients’ information is considered private and we will not share it with third parties under any circumstances. This agreement between the Company and the Client is a confirmation of this fact.

Non-Assignment of Rights:

The Client remains responsible for his or her personal account on AnyCustomWriting.com. Any other person may not use the Client’s account. The following arrangement can be assigned to any individual at any moment.


From the moment a Client visits the website and reads informative content or uses Our services, this agreement between our Company and the Client isconsidered to have a status of ‘in progress.’

Severability of Terms:

If any regulation from these Terms and Conditions is conceived unenforceable or inactive, because of any court order or decree, that regulation will be supposed for petitioning with maximal degree permitted by the law. These Terms and Conditions should remain easy and comprehendible for Clients and users.

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